welcome to chilvers roadshow

If you are organising a special occasion you need to be sure about making the right choice for the entertainment you are going to use.


Chilvers Roadshow offer the perfect solution to make your special occasion everything you could wish for.

  • Great Music!
  • Professional Sound!
  • Spectacular Lights!


By working with you in advance of your booking and then interacting with your guests on the night we will create a fantastic party atmosphere that will make your special occasion a night to remember.


 Why Choose Chilvers Roadshow?

  • We have a huge range of music in the tens of thousands of tracks & our equipment is state of the art - crystal clear sound every time!
  • Our staging is second to none, with a stunning lighting rig, incredible lasers and smoke machines. We can create the right mood every time - from a family function to a full-on club night!
  • We've been running the BEST party nights in West Wales for over 30 years - so we really know how to make YOUR night one to remember for a long long time!

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"Thank you both, you were fantastic and we really enjoyed our wedding party as did our guests."



"Thank you so much these pictures are so good. Gives you a total different aspect of the night that you miss! Thank you so much for helping make our day special and entertaining all our guests!"




As our special gift to you, we also take good quality digital pictures of your party! We then send you a private link to your gallery here on our website so you can view, share and download memories of your special occasion.


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